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Online Lingerie | Complete Buying Guide | 10 Top Lingerie Brands in India

Most Exhaustive Lingerie Buying Guide for Women in India


Nowadays, everyone shops online for everything from toothpaste to pants to intimates. As comfortable as it may be, purchasing online lingerie is challenging compared to purchasing a shirt or jeans from an online store. Snug fit, fine lingerie is essential for everyday ease.

Investing in online lingerie that fits well and makes them feel secure can be exciting for ladies.

While being locked up inside for #quarantine and dealing with stress and vulnerabilities that accompany the Covid19, adhering to your usual routine, getting in your everyday exercises, and eating healthy can be challenging. To stay stable(and calm) during this outbreak, you’ve probably resorted to jammies, warm-up pants, or knickers, rather than new jumpsuits, culottes, or your usual office outfit. Just because we’re investing energy indoors and inclining toward baggy loungewear doesn’t mean we can’t doll up ourselves by remaining at home—and that begins with an erotic set of intimates.

Here, Scoopchef lists the ten best online lingerie brands that will assist you while shopping. There are no principles against wearing your most sensual lace teddies under your baggy sweats. We could contend that the majority of these snug fit lingerie brands would stand their ground in terms of comfort even if compared to your extravagantly delicate jammies or sweatshirts.


In India, shopping undies is a big ordeal on its own. From the day a young lady begins wearing a bra, it’ll always be a secretive issue. Nobody truly thinks of it, as usual, to discuss intimates.

Unpleasant Stores v/s Online Stores for Lingerie Shopping in India

Find the nearest undergarments shop in your neighborhood. Shame begins even before you enter that store. The front glass entryway will have a flashy showcase of the kinkiest lingerie the owner could get. These shops are generally situated amid your vegetable market or supermarkets, disguising yet sticking out. Indeed, while buying online lingerie, you don’t have to confront such embarrassment. Relax in your jammies or while you are in a hurry, or when you’re exhausted. Untidy hair, ragged clothes- no worries; All you need is web and love for undies!

Salesman v/s I’m the Boss

So let’s take discomfort and weird situations a level higher. A large number of these small lingerie stores are located in crowded markets and usually run by men. Beginning with their shop owner to cashier to the seller; they all are men! Long before you can process that you’re inside a lingerie store, you have to confront some suspicious eyes.

You pluck up the courage and mutter your size to the sales rep, and he’s shouting for an alternate size altogether. His eyeballs already estimated your size when you entered the store. But to your amaze, he was right, and you were wearing a wrong size bra! This man knows your body more than you do, so he’s going to make you purchase what he believes is perfect for you. You don’t have an option but to purchase what he offers you. Why? Since he knows it best.

Little Trial Rooms v/s Home Comfort

Just imagine if these shops are so small, you believe they would have a spacious changing room? Their trial rooms are so stuffy; they end when you enter! There is an insufficient space to fit in, let alone trying on clothes inside. E-commerce websites offer you the convenience to buy and try your undies at home and if the size isn’t appropriate or if you don’t like the vibe of the item- replace it!

Granny Panties

The local underwear shops are not upgraded with their assortment. They usually have dull and old styles that probably won’t intrigue the fashionmonger in you. They are classified into two types: ‘Branded’ and ‘Light Quality’ and believe me; the two are identical!

Online lingerie stores will stun you with an endless range of women bra, undies, babydolls, nightdresses, teddies, etc. It’s a tremendous stage with a variety of assortment and items that you wish existed.

It is outfitted with excellent fashion designers who coordinate with the ramp trends and offer you the most recent and best lingerie collection ever.

Deals v/s Bargaining

Requesting your size and giving it a shot is already a challenge. One probably won’t consider bartering with the retailer for intimates. You might want to move out of the store as quickly as possible. Later you might lament paying more for a so-called “branded bra.”

Break free from this regret; online sites offer you great discounts, sales, and offers so frequently that you can shop even when you don’t need to. The offers are tempting, and the collection is so seductive. There’s no turning back!


Size, Measurement & Fit

Step through a fitting test. Try not to assume that you wear a similar band and cup size overall lingerie brands and designs. Fabricating, materials and the nature of design all account into how perfectly a bra fits you. Recollect that you probably have a “zone” of measurements and be ready to try out new trends and brands to figure out your ideal fit.

Make sure you know your sizes or get a fit test before purchasing, yet that is insufficient! As it’s essential to get the correct fit, but it’s also essential to get the perfect style you’re searching for. Regardless of your size, you should not compromise your needs and desires!

Style & Quality

Your lingerie is your love; it’s not usually revealed, yet it’s there, giving you confidence. Choose intimates that are delicate and morally delivered, which makes you feel gorgeous and girlie. Purchase natural shapewear that highlights your figure to rehearse self-love, since you are adorable and perfect!

Understand your body type and search for lingerie that will compliment your figure. When you’re prepared, follow your instinct! It is always enticing to look through a variety of options available. Yet, the pieces that feature what you love about your body, chest, stomach, etc. will be the ones you wear consistently. First senses are often right in the lingerie world!

Returns & Reviews

Use the site’s web crawler to narrow down what you’re searching for, or probably the extent of options can be enormous. Go through the return policy to know what’s in store if you don’t like the product. Use the client reviews- they are precious. Purchase online only if you know your appropriate size, and as it’s mentioned above, it differs across brands. Always make sure to read the texture content.


If there is one thing that ladies know well, is that what you wear under your garments is just as essential as what you’re wearing in plain view. This statement implies that staying in style with the most recent lingerie trends should go alongside to grasping the freshest styles in ladies’ attire. Thus, bookmark this ultimate guide to online lingerie and update your closet with these stylish lingerie pieces.


Very delicate, super comfy, supportive, and overall lovable. Bralettes are a super-hot thing, as young ladies like to flaunt them jabbing free from dresses or tank tops. A couple of brave women even carry them as shirts. With a sports bra having a racerback, you don’t even feel your bra.

Strappy Lingerie

Strappy intimate wear has been popular for some time. Bra straps have become a fashion trend and are exemplary go-to. This bralette and coordinating swimsuit are strappy in an entirely different manner. Which means this lingerie offers two trends instantly. Also, it has delicate texture, exemplary lace, and those excessively attractive straps!

Sports Bras

How can we forget about sports bras for our young ladies?! I know some of you will use these bras for their actual purpose of getting fit as a fiddle. Others will use them to get things done conveniently. Whatever you wear them for, every lady needs a decent sports bra. They come in different sizes! How awesome is that?! Get yourself an in-vogue sports bra that will fit nicely!

High-waist panties

High-waisted undies with a retro-look are presently one of the significant lingerie trends. This intimate wear that gives complete coverage comes in several erotic styles, and they’ll all give you a modish take on the elegant vintage look. High-waisted underwear can be combined with lace bustiers or only your preferred daily bra.

Printed robes

Printed robes probably won’t appear to be a hot underwear piece at first glance; nonetheless, what’s attractive about them is that they look lively. Sensual lingerie isn’t just about lace and sheer; that’s why you should check out printed robes for a change. They say the startling second is always sweeter!

Lingerie Party Ideas

With the bubbly season in full swing, the ideal party lingerie dress’s quest is warming up. But, have you thought about what you would wear underneath your attire? Often the last moment rethought lingerie can either make or spoil your look– and give you that fresh boost to your reliance! Regardless of whether you need to smooth, shape, or highlight, our trendy lingerie party ideas will assist you to look and feel your best in all your celebrations.

Nifty Multiway

There is nothing like a wardrobe malfunction when this little diva is around—the multiway bra exemplars a closet staple and ‘must-have’ lingerie for any fashion-monger during the parties. Relish the five style alternatives in one ravishing bra bundle; customary, strapless, backless, one strap, and cross-back. An ultimate festivity season multiway bra colludes with everything. Own it, and you will own any attire. Simple!

Sexy Shaper

Little Black Dresses have had a rich update this season, and for 2020, it’s all about the little shimmering dress. Sequins, sparkle, adornment, nothing is extra. Also, thongs will secure in your waist when it comes to undies and give you a seamless finish. These body shapers offer reliable control and super molding in all the right places for an erotic and secure fit.

Strapless Hero

Undoubtedly the top pick, the absolute strapless bra, guarantees excellent support with shaped cups and silicone banding for a snug fit. Invest in the ideal strapless bra this season. This bra guarantees unique strapless support for extreme reliance. Furthermore, for revealing, strapless alternatives, stick-on bras will turn into your closest companion.

Showstopper Bralette

Go for sumptuous longline bralette designs that are a spot-on trend, ideal for wearing as a top or pairing up with transparent styles as they are too erotic to be hidden. Let the cross back bra get a grip on your bareback for a provocative impact.

Take the Plunge

Plunging necklines have been one of the most challenging party outfits to ace, particularly for those who aren’t secure with discarding their bras. However, regardless of whether you pick a plunging attire or a baggy top with flares, there are – fortunately – many plunge bra styles to lift you under your party outfit.

Invisible Brief

If you are after a seamless brief this season, then stop here. The no visible panty line briefs are the ideal undies to celebrate in as they look and feel like you are wearing no brief at all. They stay seamlessly underneath even the tightest of pants, so why not pair it up with some sequin pants and get ready to rock it on the dance floor. SHOP BESTSELLERS ON AMAZON


Honeymoon is one crucial aspect of a newly married couple’s life, and looking for the perfect honeymoon nightdress needs some special consideration. We can’t deny how much we young ladies anticipate shopping lingerie nightwear and intimate wear to start our new life on a sensual note. We should make this overwhelming errand a tiny bit simpler for you with our top list of 5 gotta-have night dresses for your honeymoon.

Sheer Baby Doll

Pick this scorching babydoll to zest up things on your special night. Go hard and intense with a stylish cross-back plunge neckline and the bareback style. The overly hot sheer texture and lace cups leave next to no to the creative mind.

Satin Nighty & Robe Set

Play it wicked and decent with a silk short nighty that arrives with a coordinating robe. Isn’t it flawless to go with both your moods? This satin set vows to make your man go feeble in the knees.

Satin Babydolls

Keeping it erotic yet adorable can be somewhat dubious, yet a baby doll is the perfect way, babe! The smooth glossy silk gives a very soft, delicate hand feel while the criss-cross sides add a perky touch.

Sleepwear Set

Matching with a multi-set nightdress is an extraordinary expansion to your wedding nightwear assortment. Sleepwear in rich steel dark shades is incredible to coordinate the 50 shades of your special night; you know what we mean.

Long Night Dress

If keeping it tasteful is your style, then a dark glossy silk nightdress is what you have to add that glitz quotient to your wedding trip closet. It’s a stylish, seductive, and rich choice to charm your man.


We have compiled the top 10 online lingerie brands to shop on the Lingerie Amazon section easily. These ideal picks have received the best lingerie reviews online!


Enamor Lingerie Enamor is one of the most adored online lingerie brands among women in India. Notably, a piece out of its Hourglass assortment of body shapers is the one to stab at! You can discover sensual and subtle night dresses like briefs, tights, knickers, and lounge pants. The lingerie brand was a partnership between a French lingerie company-Barbara and Gokaldas Intimate-wear Pvt. Ltd.(enamor). Enamor is accessible across more than 1800 multi-brand stores in India and sold through wholesalers nationwide. It is the ideal fitting intimate wear with excellent texture bands and weavings. Indeed, you look as fabulous as you are in Enamor! We believe! SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


Amante online lingerie ‘Love yourself’ as its punchline says, Amante is the most loved lingerie brand among Indian ladies. There are two unique qualities of Amante’s innerwear that includes the use of excellent premium material and the most recent worldwide trends. Amante is a leading underwear brand in Asia that was begun to offer extravagant undergarments and make the experience elegant and convenient. You can avail lingerie for cheap on Amante.

Amante was initiated in more than 250 stores after an intensive study and analysis to plan the requirements and the delicacy of the normal Indian lady. Its intimate wear is enduring and delicate on the skin. The brand will offer bras in different designs.

This lingerie brand in India offers styles like briefs, thongs, combo packs, and bridal. If you are looking for a reputable lingerie brand, you should try this out. SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


Clovia Lingerie for women in India An online lingerie site that has become home to all lingerie darlings; Giving close slice rivalry to other underwear brands, Clovia generally focusses on solace and intimate wear. Wearing it, yet feeling it is the thing Clovia stands by.

The brand is an impressive contender in the nation’s underwear market. However, it has developed a specialty among youthful ladies for its “Naughtier” styles, as the brand calls it. Brilliant to calm, every shade can be found here in the best of styles.



Girl Wearing Zivame Lingerie Zivame has become a well known online lingerie website within no time. It is a wide-ranging store, where you discover an assortment of all the lingerie brands available in India. From bras, briefs to active apparel and sleepwear, the online website keeps all in its stock. Moreover, you would adore the great offers available on daily wear to the top-notch brands.

Bringing the best of undergarment brands within one window to launching its very own name, Zivame is all that an Indian lady requires. From bras, thongs, pajamas, and sleepwear, Zivame is an all-inclusive store for all your personal needs. It aims not just to offer choices but also guide women about the significance of well-fitted lingerie, and provide different services like ‘Try at home’ and ‘Fit specialist.’ It even gives fitting parlors in some of its stores. SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


VICTORIA’S SECRET Victoria’s Secret is no mystery to most of us. It is known for intimate wear and accessories, handbags, beauty care products, and everything captivating and extravagant. But, it is most famous for its lingerie and a variety of options. From everyday use to extravagant choices; coordinating sets to athleisure; silk and lace; name it, and it’s available for all body types. Excepting everything else, Victoria’s Secret is the most loved brand of women all over the globe.



Triumph Online Lingerie Triumph is the most established lingerie producing brand worldwide. From being the pioneers in the underwear business to persistently enhancing to coordinate the style and solace needs of women, Triumph has been at the head of the game always. From swimwear, undies, teddies, bustiers, and bralette to just daily necessities, Triumph is your go-to destination for everything. SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


Marks and Spencer Lingerie Marks & Spencer’s has been selling intimate wear for more than 80 years now and has kept on holding the most significant piece of the pie in the lingerie industry. It is one of the absolute first underwear brands to offer a measuring and personalized solutions for young ladies and provide them lingerie that suits the style and outline of each body type.

Taking motivation from evolving times, from Monroe to the Kardashian, Mark & Spencers has ceaselessly advanced. If one expression portrays them, it is an incentive for cash.



Jockey Online Lingerie For Women in India Jockey – one brand that has been inseparable from innerwear over all ages, races, and nations reliably for more than 120 years. This brand has been offering quality and solace and knows about underwear better than any other industry brand. It functions all over the globe and lumps loyal clients everywhere. From undies, bras, knickers, and nightwear to workout pants and lingerie, it is the master. SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


Forever 21 Online Lingerie for Women Forever 21 became one of the biggest and a quick budget style retail brands worldwide, contending on modest value points, stock, ideal spots, and fast worldwide coordinations. Shop a collection of bras, straps, and granny panties at Forever 21.

Forever 21’s intimate wear segment shouldn’t be disregarded, particularly when you’re looking to revive your clothing cabinet with lingerie for cheap. SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


Vanheusan Woman Lingerie Van Heusen presents the new collection of lingerie and Sportswear, offering refined styling with new and creative product features for the top tier solace and fit. It’s Innerwear run contains four assortments, including Active, Signature, Platinum, and Classic. Each collection has been fabricated to bring to the table a separated range to the different client segments. SHOP NOW ON AMAZON


If you have never been an intimates person, it may appear to be a strange plan to invest so much cash on them, however, trust me, spending on great and premium underwear is simply the best thing you can do for yourself.

As we mentioned, it doesn’t have to stop at simple innerwear. If you are a lingerie freak, let us know your preferred lingerie brands are if we missed out on something. Feel better, missy!

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