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Must Have Apps for women in India | 15 Curated Apps for 2022

Best Apps for Indian Women | Download these Apps Now! 👌

apps for women
apps for women

With so many apps constantly hitting the market, it can be hard to narrow down the list of the best apps that every woman should have in their smartphone. Apps help you find solutions at your fingertips be it for shopping, cooking, working out, or ensuring your safety.

Besides, apps help to build creativity and productivity. Since we rely on our phones all the time, we might as well get the most use out of it with efficient apps for women, that will make our lives a lot easier.

Our smartphones are not just for keeping us connected, they are much more useful than that if you install the right apps that will serve individual needs. Of course, there are the basic apps that everyone utilizes daily including YouTube, Whatsapp, and Facebook. But there are far more beneficial and entertaining ones beyond that list. To help you through it, we have listed down below the best female apps tailored towards Indian women.


Amazon best shopping app for women in india

Check Amazon App

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping websites that offers a wide range of products tailoring towards everyone’s needs. The plethora of options and selections on basic and rare products is what makes this site so successful. Women should have the Amazon app installed on their phones to find every possible product at their fingertips including, clothing, accessories, kitchen appliances, beauty products, and more. The site has got it all, which makes it a perfect must-have apps for women in India.

Key Features:

• 100% purchase protection
• Easy navigation
• Shows customer reviews
• Special offers and wish lists


Instagram best social app for women

Check Instagram App

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to share pictures and videos through posts, and stories (that last for 24 hours). To begin with, the site is already predominantly used by more women than men. The reason behind that is Instagram’s ability to act as a magnet for beauty, fashion, and design brands. Besides, the myriad of built-in filters allows you to enhance the appearance of the pictures you post.

Key Features:

• Image and video editing
• Hashtags and filters
• User tagging and @mentions
• Live video streaming and IGTV


Nykaa best beauty app for indian women

Check Nykaa App

Nykaa is an amazing Indian website for beauty, fashion, and wellness products. However, its dominant categories fall under beauty. Through Nykaa, you can have access to more than 1200 brands. Currently, the site is offering up to 40% End of Season Sale. Therefore, everyone should grab this opportunity and stock up on their favorite beauty essentials with this female pocket app.

Key Features:

• Offers categories for beauty, skin, hair, personal care, Mom & baby, etc.
• Features videos for beauty advice
• 100% authenticity ensured


Myntra is best shopping app for women

Check Myntra App

Myntra is India’s largest online shopping platform that offers fashion and lifestyle products. The availability of the trendiest products on the website will allow its users to level up their style quotient. Every woman in India should install this app on their phone to keep up with the latest fashion and purchase what suits them the best.

Key Features:

• Customer connect team 24/7
• In-season product catalog
• 30-day return policy
• Wish list and gift cards


Cozi best organizer app

Check Cozi App

Cozi is a smart app that allows users customizable storage space information that can be retrieved easily be it in the form of photos, operator invoices, bank statements, and more. Besides, it can be utilized to manage and organize important data while providing maximum protection. This app will make it easy for women to keep all the important documents in a confined place.

Key Features:

• Cozi Pass to save and sync all your passwords
• Cozi Banks to manage your money
• Cozi Drive to sync all your files
• Cozi Notes to create and share your personalized notes


Healthify me best health and fitness app for indian women

Check Healthifyme App

Here’s an effective app to get you through your weight loss journey. Healthifyme encourages its users to follow diets and workout plans that will lead to healthy weight loss and muscle building. If you’re trying to get that summer body ready or if you wish to lose some pounds before the wedding season hits, get Healthifyme app today!

Key Features:

• Personalized diet and workout plans
• Fitness community with dieticians and yoga coaches
• Fitness tracker, water tracker, and calorie tracker


Swiggy best food ordering app in India

Check Swiggy App

Satisfy your hunger with the lightning-fast food delivery app Swiggy that allows you to enjoy food from your favorite restaurants near you. Swiggy provides its services to more than 100 cities in India. Therefore, get this app and enjoy your night in with your pals or just by yourself with delicious food at your doorstep.

Key Features:

• Speedy delivery
• Live order tracking
• No minimum order


Eyewatch SOS Best Women Safety app in India

Check Eyewatch SOS App

Life in India for women is threatening daily either based on eve-teasing or possible kidnapping or assault. Eyewatch SOS is a safety app for women that allow users to send their location as well as audio/video to trusted ones with the help of just a button. This is, without a doubt, one of the must-have apps for women in India.

Key Features:

• Sends SOS alerts even without GPRS
• Shares audio/video data with emergency contacts
• “Safety confirm” that alerts protectors with a message
• Delivers back-up in out of coverage area


Headspace relaxation app for women

Check Headspace App

Stress is inevitable whether on a small or large scale which is why we need to take extra steps that promote a healthy mind. Headspace is an app that offers guided meditation that will effectively help to release stress. Besides, it allows a free subscription to unemployed users for 1 year!

Certainly, a must have apps for females – housewives and working women alike!

Key Features:

• Courses for meditation
• Mini inspirational stories to wake up to
• Stress releasing workout videos
• Customizable conditions for a good sleep


Best Food recipe app in India

Check Tarladalal App

Cooking is surely not everyone’s forte especially the dishes that involve multiple spices to bring out the exact flavor. Don’t you worry, because the app “10000+ Indian recipes book” offers you an abundance of Indian food recipes sectioned into favorable categories that will satisfy your taste buds to the fullest! An awesome food app, we say!

Key Features:

• 7 categories to choose from – Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Vegan, Soups, Desserts, Snacks, and Beverages
• 14 different cuisines
• Create a recipe diary eBook

Note: You can directly download the app from playstore. Alternatively, we also love the Tarladalal App, which you can checkout with the link provided.


Mint Best Financial planning app

Check Mint App

On top of everything a woman has to manage and deal with regularly, managing finances just adds on to the stress list. To rescue you from the trouble, we would suggest you download the financial management service app, Mint. It helps with budgeting, tracking your bills, managing your investments, ensuring security, and more. A must have app for the quintessential modern Indian women.

Key Features:

• Manage all your finances
• Stay up to date with payments
• Check credit scores unlimited times
• Multi-factor authentication for maximum security


Cure.Fit Best Fitness App in India

Check App

This app ensures the fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being of its users with the best plans, routines, and consultations. Besides, it constantly offers the most affordable deals to get your hands on personal training sessions and fitness packs. Every woman should get a hand on this app and take care of their body and mind through one platform. Great fitness app for women, you simply can’t miss.

Key Features:

• that makes the fitness journey fun and easy
• that offers meditation and therapy sessions
• to obtain doctor’s consultation


OLA Cab aggregator app

Check Ola App

Ola is a secure app that offers you the best prices for taxi, ride-sharing, food delivery, and more. However, it’s the most popular for travel within the city as well as outstations. As safety is the top-most priority for women, every female should install this app and use it for the daily commute or traveling purposes.

Key Features:

• Top-Rated drivers with verified backgrounds
• 24/7 Customer support
• Services for multiple price ranges based on the car model
• Free WiFi

Note – Also keep UBER App Handy in your phone, so you can check for the best option for your trip.


Pinterest most love inspiration app for women

Check Pinterest App

As the name suggests, this app allows you to “pin” down ideas that interest you in your personalized boards. It’s an easy organized place to store fashion ideas, home and style inspiration, and more. Your recent activity on the app will determine what you come across in the app going forward thereby, portraying more of what genuinely interests you. One of the best social apps for women in India!

Key Features:

• Browser extensions to save links and go back to later
• Multiple filters to narrow down searches
• Secret board to plan surprise events
• Group boards to collaborate with friends and family


Practo, must have doctor consultation app

Check Practo App

This is a life-saver app during times of COVID lockdown in India. We are repeatedly concerned with health issues that require consultation by doctors. In a fast-paced life, we might not be able to allocate time for every little concern we have. Practo is an amazing platform with verified doctors and specialists who will not only help with your queries but provide solutions to them as well. Undoubtedly, this is an app that every Indian woman must use.

Key Features:

• Free consultation from 5 pm-6 pm every day
• Consultation with top doctors at only Rs. 200/month
• Access to the best articles from health experts
• Purchase medicines and other health products

So Ladies, Go ahead and download these must-have apps for women, Now!

Through the key features of each of the above apps for women, you can clearly understand how beneficial they are for everyone.

All the above apps are worth taking up the left up storage space on your smartphones. Therefore, download them today and reach the utmost efficiency within an easy reach. They will surely help you unlock the best within you and come handy for all occasions.

Also, since we are at the topic of enhancing your lifestyle, you must check out the best gadgets for Indian women, which will certainly create a significant positive impact to your health and personality, and you are sure to impress everyone with your coolness quotient.

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